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This is one of our old favourites. There two games on tonight. We have been playing since the 1980′s. We will be playing the older version without Ireland. It is so highly rated by Boardgamegeek which says:

Britannia is a historical board game that broadly depicts the millennia-long struggle for control of England, Scotland, and Wales. The game begins with the Roman invasion of 43 A.D., continues through the many struggles between Angles, Saxons, Picts, Norsemen, Scots, Irish, and other tribes, and ends with the Norman invasion of 1066.

Britannia allows players to re-create this epic history, re-enacting important battles in some cases, altering the course of history in others. The game rules discourage players from making historically unrealistic moves, but also give players the freedom to alter Great Britain’s history in important ways, creating countless interesting “what if?” scenarios. What if Boudicca’s Revolt against the Romans had been more successful? What if the Romans and the Romano-British had repelled the Saxon invasions of the 5th and 6th centuries? What if William the Conqueror had died during the Norman invasion of 1066?

In Britannia, the players will determine the destiny of a kingdom.

Brittannia2 Brittannia

Carson City is a strategic game. The game is played in 4 rounds and in each one of them the players choose a character (there are 7 available) that gives certain advantages, after that cowboys are placed on action fields on the board to build Carson city. Players can claim ground, erect special buildings, houses or construct roads. When there are several players on 1 action field, a duel is fought. During play, money (to construct) & points can be earned. The player who earns most points wins the game. Players at the club enjoyed it. It is well-reviewed in Boardgame geek.

Carson City is a rootin’ tootin’ game of cowboys ‘n guns – lots o’ guns.
There are 4 rounds per game. At the beginning of each round, players choose a character (there are 7 available) that gives them certain advantages (for example the sheriff prevents any duels from happening wherever he is placed). It’s a great game. We played it last night.

Carson City 2Carson City

FIASCO 2013 will be held on Sunday 27th October 2013 at ‘New Dock Hall’, which is part of the Royal Armouries complex. FIASCO is Leeds Wargames club’s yearly wargames show, which is held at The Royal Armouries in Leeds. There are massive display games, participation games. FIASCO starts at 10 am. All this under the roof of one of the best museums in the Country.
There will be many traders covering all aspects of the hobby. Fiasco will have a cross-section of games, both display and participation, and possibly the biggest display of all is the U-Boat in the dock. It’s well worth going along. A number 28 First Leeds bus service runs from Albion Street to Clarence Dock or you can walk down from the bus station. Maps to get there on:

Fiasco has been running in Leeds for 20 years and is a must for gamers from Leeds and the surrounding region. Starts at 10.00am.

A team of  players from the Bradford Gamers Society came over to visit last Thursday. We welcome contact fraternal visits from other local clubs and we are glad to advertise them on our facebook page and website. You can find  Bradford Gamers Society on their website and their facebook page

The Club are running a 40k Warhammer competition in November. bradford

Warhammmer 40k has a growing following at the Headingley games Club .  Players use the Club’s facebook page to arrange games. There are quite a few arranged for this week.  Make sure you swap your mobiles’ numbers because sometimes there is the odd stranded player waiting for an absentee or late arrival.The many 40k players trying out the new 6th edition and also play at the Leeds Night Owls in Farsley on Sundays. Here Orks fight it out with Necrons last week. Again a reminder our facebook page has details

Orks Neucrons campiagn3Orks Neucrons campiagn2


Thursday . We are open tonight. Tonight is Games night at the Heart Centre Headingley
6.30pm onwards. Looks like a busy night tonight with a new 40k Warhammer campaign starting.
The site for information about Headingley Games Club Leeds…Lots of interesting games to play.

Lords of Waterdeep seemed to go down well last week. And it will be out tonight for another session for tonight’s club night.

Lords of Waterdeep, a strategy board game for 2-5 players, you take on the role of one of the masked Lords of Waterdeep, secret rulers of the city. Through your agents, you recruit adventurers to go on quests on your behalf, earning rewards and increasing your influence over the city. Expand the city by purchasing new buildings that open up new actions on the board, and hinder – or help – the other lords by playing Intrigue cards to enact your carefully laid plans.

Lords of waterdeepLords of the waterdeep


One of our players put this up on our facebook page. Where do you get them made and can one get other nationalities such as WW2 Russian and American? Anybody out there the answer?

tank slippers

Thursday 22nd August. We are open tonight. Tonight is Games night at the Heart Centre Headingley
6.30pm onwards. Looks lick a busy night tonight.
The site for information about Headingley Games Club Leeds…Lots of interesting games to play.

Any comment about the validity of this cartoon???

Lower pricers Gw


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