Avalon Hill’s Civilization-Retro Gaming.

Avalon Hills Civilization-We are putting on a session of the great and famous Avalon Hill’s Civilization. Designed by Francis Tresham this is a game of some length and great interplay for up to seven players.

The Civilization board depicts areas around the  Mediterranean. The board is divided into many regions. Each player starts with a single population token and grows and expands his empire over the course of turns. Each player tries to build the greatest civilization.

The goal of Civilization is to be first to advance to the final age on the Archaeological Succession Table (AST). The AST contains fifteen spaces and players are advanced on the AST each turn. The AST starts at 8,000 B.C. and ends at 250 B.C. At several points, however, certain conditions must be met (such as, the civilization must have a certain number of cities) in order to advance. Since most civilizations do not meet the advancement criteria at all stages on the AST, games usually last more than fifteen turns. It is one of the great games of the 80’s.


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