An Infinity Battle report from last Thursday

This was a 200 point skirmish. That saw the forces of the Nomads face the Ariadna.
Dean began by moving his linked team of Loup garous up his right flank.  My TO camouflaged spektr that had infiltrated the field couldn’t resist breaking cover and opening fire with his sniper rifle. Unfortunately the Loup garous survive, return fire and kill the spektr.
The Loup garous move up further only to be confronted by a hidden prowler who kills one with his flame thrower only to be killed himself.
To take revenge one of my zeros combines an order with my sin eater to attack the Loup garous killing one. In return they kill the zero.  The sin eater sees red and kills all the Loup garous with his mk12.
On the other flank my link team of moderators takes a casualty from a moblot but return the favour.  This spurs them on to go on the rampage using their link team bonus of extra blast rolls to pick off several enemy from long distance. Several critical rolls ensure the enemy’s demise. Victory to the Nomads.
From Adam

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