Thursday 12th Infinity Battle Report

Thursday 12th Infinity Battle Report
As there were an odd number of players we had a three-way battle which worked surprisingly well thanks to Infinity’s ARO (Automatic Reaction Order) mechanism. Each player had 200 point armies with Dean playing Ariadna, Lev’s PanOceania and Rob’s alien Combined Army. The board was set up on a 6 x 4 table which was densely packed with some of the clubs new terrain.
After a cautious deployment from everyone the Combined Army won the initiative roll and elected to go first in an attempt to draw first blood. The impetuous alien troops rushed forward towards both opposing deployment zones, one was gunned down by Dean’s waiting troops and the other eventually fell to weight of ARO fire but not before killing two of Lev’s troops. Dean then advanced with his camouflaged units over the rooftops and catwalks and a 5 man fire team advanced under cover of the buildings. With no targets in sight, Dean’s sniper left the fire team to find a better position. Lev then showed Dean why standing around on the rooftops wasn’t a good idea as Lev’s heavy infantry engaged Dean’s camo units on the roof. One of Lev’s own camo troops then moved up to pick off Dean’s sniper who hadn’t made it into cover.   
With its impetuous units killed it was time for the Combined Army to move up its big guns! An HMG armed alien moved cautiously towards Dean’s deployment zone in order to avoid ARO fire. It then managed to pick off one of Dean’s line troops reducing his available orders next turn. In an attempt to reduce the numbers in Dean’s fire team the alien then tried to attack one of its members but was immobilised by a shot from a glue gun in ARO! Dean’s fire team then continued their advance towards the Combined Army deployment zone but still with no targets in sight. Up on the roof there was another exchange of fire between Dean’s camo units and Lev’s heavy infantry. Dean’s remaining units advanced in an attempt to flank Lev’s position. Lev’s camo unit then manged to pick off a straggler at the back of the fire team. With no immediate targets available Lev placed suppressive fire to keep everyone’s heads down!
In an another attempt to whittle down the numbers in Dean’s fire team the aliens advanced with a template weapon in order cover as many of the fire team as possible. Unfortunately only 2 of the remaining members of the team were hit and both made their armour saves. Their return fire comprehensively stopped the alien in its tracks! Cautiously moving up its remaining HMG once again the alien attacker was immobilised by an ARO shot from Dean’s fire team! Dean then used his flanking troops to make a coordinated attack on Lev’s camo unit taking it out but losing a heavy infantry in the process to a long-range ARO.
Some more exchanges of fire between Dean’s camo unit on the roof and an airborne commando who landed on Lev’s table edge resulted in Dean losing both units and Lev’s heavy infantry taking a wound. After a failed attempt by an alien engineer to assists its immobilised comrades thanks to another long-range ARO it was left to the alien lieutenant to mop up the remaining resistance including harvesting the corpses of Dean’s fire team. 
Overall a lot of casualties on all sides and the three-way format made for an interesting game.

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