Vinci-a good board game

Playing Vinci at the Headingley games club where Andy was narrowly denied a win by the narrowest of margins-Phil and Dave ponder their next move. Vinci was first published in 1999 and has proved to be an “evergreen” ever since then. Well reviewed in Boardgame Geek it proves to be an easy game to understand but tricky to win. Its a 3-6 player. Quoting Boardgame Geek-





Along the lines of History of the World by Avalon Hill, players cycle through a series of European civilizations as they attempt to score the most points using the civilization’s special powers. The game is set in Europe and each player is provided with a pool of wooden tokens to represent their civilizations. Each player selects a combination of civilization tiles, which give his civilization special abilities or characteristics. Players expand their empire through territorial expansion, often at the expense of other players. The key to the game lies in choosing when to decline your currently played-out civ to get a new one which will keep generating points. Play continues with the cycling of civilizations until a certain score is reached whereupon final rounds are played and a victor is determined.


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