Ora et labore-spiel de Jahre 2012

Ora et labore-spiel de Jahre 2012-A Le Havre style game from Z man games was played last Thursday at the Headingley games club. Spiel de Jahre (game of the Year) is a high award for a game and takes up to 4 players and goes for about 120 minutes. It’s an Agricolaesque game of building up a medieval monastery. Ora et Labore means pray and work. To quote Boardgame geek:

In Ora et Labora, each player is head of a monastery in the Medieval era who acquires land and constructs buildings – little enterprises that will gain resources and profit. The goal is to build a working infrastructure and manufacture prestigious items – such as books, ceramics, ornaments, and relics – to gain the most victory points at the end of the game.

Ora et Labora, Uwe Rosenberg’s fifth “big” game, has game play mechanisms similar to his Le Havre, such as two-sided resource tiles that can be upgraded from a basic item to something more useful. Instead of adding resources to the board turn by turn as in Agricola and Le Havre, Ora et Labora uses a numbered rondel to show how many of each resource is available at any time. At the beginning of each round, players turn the roundel by one segment, adjusting the counts of all resources at the same time.


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