Laser chess-an unusual game.

Ross Chippendale brought laser chess along last week and attracted a lot of attention. Laser Chess-Khet, The Laser Game, is played on an 80-square grid with a pharaoh and obelisk playing king and pawn, sort of, plus a mirrored pyramid and a wandering “djed,” and it’s chess-like, except for the lasers firing from the corners and bouncing off the mirrors. Each piece has different mirrors which are move around the board to deflect the beam onto the Pharaoh.

Unleash the Pharaoh’s wrath. The completely redesigned Khet 2.0 Laser Game uses Egyptian mirrors and modern, eye-safe lasers to illuminate opponents and win the game. Combines simplicity of checkers and the strategy of chess. Mensa National Competition Winner. Batteries included. A fantastic game for every generation. 2 players adult For ages 9-adult.

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