Inquisitor-a Games Workshop

Joseph McGivern at the Headingley Games wants to organise group of gamers who would be interested in a Slow running Inquisitor Campaign. Played in the standard Heroic 28mm scale?

Set in the 41st millennium Inquisitor is a narrative wargame that allows you to play the part of a bold hero or cruel villain battling in the dark and forgotten shadows of the galaxy. An Inquisitor is answerable to no one, save the Emperor himself, and their only remit is to protect Mankind at all costs. For an Inquisitor, the end always justifies the means, for they alone can truly begin to comprehend the threats to Mankind’s existence. It is this ultimate responsibility, and the differing methods around it, that often sees Inquisitors working against each other. The Inquisitor game centres on this conflict – the battle for the Emperor’s soul. Inquisitor is quite unlike any game you may have played previously.

It’s an Old (2005) Games workshop game that focused as the name suggested on Inquisitors and a few favored Retainers. The Game concentrated on narrative game play over competitive contest. Coming close to bridging the gap between a Role Play and something like Necromunda. Come along Thursday for a game.



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