DBMM-De Bellis Magistrorum Militus 15mm Patrician Romans poncing about before collapsing.

DBMM-De Bellis Magistrorum Militus 15mm  Patrician Romans poncing about before collapsing – back to the drawing board. The armies in the Patrician Roman list cover the period from the rise to power of Aetius as Patrician in the West to the overthrow of the Italian Kingdom of the general Odoacer by the Ostrogoths in the West and the accession of Zeno in the East

Last Thursday’s game of DBMM was about to end for the Romans. dbm We still have a substantial team of 15mm ancients players who follow the family of games of De Bellis Magistrorum Militus or DBMM II. It all started long ago with the brilliant De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) Ancients Wargame Rules 1.1 and then came the evolution……of Wargames of ancient battles 3000BC to 1550 AD. Dacians with Sarmatian allies march out against another army…lots of light horse


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