Breakthrough: Cambrai-November 1917

We are trying out “Breakthrough: Cambrai” this Thursday. This is and area movement system and we have had one game already and are ready to give it another go now we have got a hold of some of the rules. Welcome to November 1917.

Breakthrough: Cambrai is two player game simulating the British assault to breach the “Hindenburg Line” between November 20 and December 3, 1917. One player controls the British forces, the other the German forces. The object of the game is to control a certain number of areas on the map or, for the British, to exit units off the map into certain perimeter zones says Boardgame geek.

The game impulse uses mechanics and area movement (where players alternate “mini-turns”) similar to popular games like Breakout: Normandy, Storm over Arnhem, Cassino, Turning point: Stalingrad and Monty’s Gamble: Market Garden.

Breakthrough cambrai pic989568_md



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