Catan-Ancient Egypt-A suprisingly good variant. We gave it it a go.

Catan-Ancient Egypt brings The Settlers of Catan to a new location and time, with players now living in the time of the Pharaohs and using their ox carts to move resources to build small villages and great temples styled after some of the most interesting buildings of Egyptian antiquity. As always, you must beware of the robber! His chariot can interrupt production at your cattle pastures, papyrus groves and quarries. You will need boats to cross the Nile and instead of roads you get bullock carts.

After you master the base game, you can try these variants:

  • H: Ten god cards are now available to player, with their powers adding a variety of options for dynamic gameplay.
  • T: Players can now build and move papyrus boats across the Nile to compete for the pharaoh’s blessing and the vizier’s favor by building blocks onto the great pyramid

The help from Gods cards set a new aspect which can give you an edge. We liked these. The Great Pyramid gives one extra victory points and other extras. It was a tight game. We recommend it.



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