How we run our club.

The Headingley Games Club has an AGM once a year to elect officers and committee members and take motions and set a budget. We don’t like bureaucracy and think of ourselves as an anarchist dictatorship whose sole aim is to facilitate game playing. If there is a problem we hold quick meetings at the beginning of the Thursday games night at Heart. Meetings seldom take more than 15 minutes. The idea is to have fun. We set a budget each year to spend on terrain and games. We have a large stock of gaming material and play in the main hall at Heart when it is available. We use other rooms as well when the main hall is needed. We sort of have an auction at the beginning of the evening for those without a pre-arranged game. In the auction, we discuss what we would like to play and try to make sure nobody is left out. We are an inclusive club. We have started to use Facebook to arrange games. Join us on Facebook.



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