The Invasion of Estressa or Ibiza 6mm WW2 Epic at Horbury

A giant 24ft by 6ft table of beaches sea and hinterland of a mythical invasion of Ibiza in 1942 was put on in all day epic WW2 game by the Wakefield and district Wargamers last Saturday March 16th. About 10 players participated. Air & sea warfare preceded the landing as the allies fought to seize the two airfields. An epic game and an amazing effort from Andy Tim and others. Here are some scenes from the game:

100_3050 100_3047 100_3048 100_3049


Ralph is selling his Flames-of-War German Army

Ideally I’m wanting to sell them off as one lot. Wanting £300 for them, but willing to take offers.

Cheers Ralph. See Ralph on

Well, seen as how I haven’t seen it played in time, and I don’t think I’ll ever get round to playing it again, I’m selling off my Flames of War Army.

They were originally modelled as fallschirmjaeger but could of course be used as any Germans!

Fortress Europe Book
Cassino Book
Small Rulebook (New edition)
Fallschirmjeager Dice/Templates
Artillery template

Rifle MG Teams x 38
Command teams x 15
Spotter Teams x 6
Flamethrower teams x 3
Staff Cars x 7
HMG teams x 4
Mortar teams x 8
Pak 38’s x 4
Panzerschreck teams x 2
Nebelwerfers x 3
Objective markers x 2
Pak 40’s x 4
Supply Truck x 1
King Tigers x 3
Recoilless Guns x 2
Marders x 2
Panzer 4 (Long barrel) x 4
Panzer 4 (Short barrel) x 4
Transport halftracks x 2
Stug G x 4
88 x 1
Tiger x 1
Quad halftrack x 3
Diana x 2

All are painted to a high standard, and, if you pick them up from me or are at the club, they come in a case.

Example pics can be found below. Ask if you want specific pictures! 

ralph fow 

ralph 2fowralph 2fowralph 2fowIMG_0168

Ghq 1/300th Modern Micro Armour

Its good to 1/300th being played again in the last two weeks. Ghq 1/300th Modern Micro Armour is an excellent set of rules from GHQ and was rated the best system for this scale in a review of all 1/300th rules. Combined arms is the key. It is not just a “tanky” game.