Cyclades boardgame-played for the first time last Thursday.

Players must buy the favor of the gods in their race to be the first player to build two cities in the Ancient Greek island group known as the Cyclades. Our group at the club liked it.

Victory requires respect for all the gods – players cannot afford to sacrifice to only one god, but must pay homage to each of five gods in turn. Each turn, the players bid for the favors of the gods, as only one player can have the favor of each god per turn – and each player is also limited to the favor of a single god per turn.

  • Ares allows the movement of player armies and the building of Fortresses.
  • Poseidon allows players to move their navies and build Ports.
  • Zeus allows his followers to hire priests and build temples.
  • Athena provides her worshipers with philosophers and universities.
  • Apollo increases the income of his worshipers.100_2943
  •   100_2944          Cyclades



A good turnout for the first Games night of the New Year

A good turnout at the club last night for the first Thursday of the New Year. Plenty of interesting games played. Carcassonne with variants, Puerto Rico, Agricola, DBMM, Warhammer 40k, Dark Heresy and others were out for a run.
A good turnout of players
A good turnout of players


A range of the games that are being played
A range of the games that are being played

Tsuro-a beautiful game

From the publisher:

A beautiful and beautifully simple game of laying a tile before your own token to continue its path on each turn. The goal is to keep your token on the board longer than anyone else’s, but as the board fills up this becomes harder because there are fewer empty spaces left… and another player’s tile may also extend your own path in a direction you’d rather not go. Easy to introduce to new players, Tsuro lasts a mere 15 minutes and actually does work for any number from 2 to 8.

‎8 player Tsuro at the club. Connor, the youngest player,  played mercilessly and came out the winner

Display Games at the Royal Armouries

Some of the Headingley Games Club members are putting on displays at the Royal Armories all this weekend. Ask at reception for details. ACW, WW2 and Ancients are being played. Don’t forget to look as well at the small Siborne model of Waterloo.  For travel details look at
The Leeds Wargames club will hold its annual wargames show FIASCO  at the  Savile’s Hall which is part of The Royal Armouries in Leeds on 28th October 2012.  There are massive display games, participation games and of course lots of nice men happy to sell you more metal and plastic than you can possibly afford. See:

Sink the Bismark at the Leeds Wargames club.

Went along the Leeds Wargames club last and swordfish “stringbags” trying to sink the Bismark. They are experts at hand-crafted rules. The picture shows only a small trial model. Brian Hicks has hand-built a MASSIVE model of the Bismark which be on display at the games fair “Fiasco”. FIASCO 2012 will be held on the Sunday 28th October 2012 at ‘Saville Hall’ which is part of the Royal Armouries complex. Well worth putting in your calendar. All details can be found on

The Leeds Battle Bunker

I have just found out about the Leeds Battle Bunker. They are situated in the centre of Leeds. Here is their promo on You Tube.
They meet every Sunday at the Pack Horse Pub, Brigate, Leeds, from 11:30 until 17:30.
The website seem to becoming readied and they have a very active facebook page.
The Headingley Games Club believe the all games groups should support each other in our local area. We are not sectarian. The more the merrier we say.

Thursday night is games night.

Thursday 12th July We are open tonight in the main hall-Tonight is Games night at the Heart Centre Headingley
6.30pm onwards.
The site for information about Headingley Games Club Leeds