Carcassonne  was played last week. One of the most popular games Carcassonne attract a wide following. It is a simple system but an interplay that creates a complex range of strategies and game play. It is one the most popular selling games of the last decade. It’s good for family games, hardened gamers and club games. Boardgamegeek reviews it well. It has many upgrades and can even be downloaded as an ap’ or your phone or  i padcarcasonne .

Carcassonne 2


Carcassonne Inns and Cathedrals

Carcassonne Inns and Cathedrals was played last week. An interesting variation on one of the most popular games.

New World Carcassonne

“New World Carcassonne”-The latest in the Carcassonne range. Trappers, highwaymen, farmers and surveyors go out into the New America to build a new world, actually get points for certain actions. Played off in about an hour. A good game that makes you think.